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Requirement for visas

Requirement for visas


Obtaining Forms
Application forms for Indian Visa can be collected from the reception counter at the Indian Visa Outsourcing Centre from Monday to Friday between 8.30  to 12.30 hrs except on Holidays.
·        or CLICK HERE to download visa application form. 
Guidelines for filling the forms 
Please read all instructions on the application form carefully before filling it out. Application forms should be filled up only in English language and block letters, legibly and accurately preferably by typing/computer.   Any wrong or missing information or an illegible form may lead to delay or refusal of visa.
The visa application forms can be downloaded from the website.  
Additional documents required by the Italian acquired Nationality and other Foreign nationals
  • Foreigners who have acquired Italian nationality will be required to fill the FAX/Reference form and pay the required fee except persons of Indian origin
  • Foreigners who live in Italy are required to produce a residence certificate from the commune of residence. If the applicant is not registered with commune for a period of at least two years, FAX/Reference form along with the prescribed fee is to be submitted along with the visa application.
  • Italian passport holders who are born out of Italy are required to fill the FAX/Reference form and pay the required fee.
  • Foreign nationals holding Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Afghani, Chinese passports and or now having the Italian passports are required to submit the Specific FAX/Reference Form and pay the prescribed reference fee in addition to the other consular and service fees.
N.B. for any type of visa, candidate may be called for interview in the Consulate General of India at Milan. 
General Requirement for Visas
  1. Original passport valid at least for six months and with three blank pages for Visa. The passport must have the holder’s signature. If the passport is newly issued (within 6 months from the date of visa application), the previous passport should be shown for verification. In case of dual nationality both the passports should be presented.
  2. Correct prescribed consular visa fee, referral fee if applicable and Indian Visa outsourcing service fees
  3. Two identical recent passport (no black and white photos) size photographs with front pose
  4. Duly completed visa application form. The applicant should fill all the columns and the application will be signed only by the applicant and it should tally with the signature in the passport.
  5. Complete address with telephone/ fax number and intended duration of stay at each place in Indiashould be given.
N.B. Please note that PART B of the application form is obbligatory to fill
even in case of a Tourist visa request
In addition to above, Requirement for Specific Visas are as follows:-
        Tourist visa 
  1. For minor children endorsed in the parent passports and travelling with their parents, should submit two identical recent passport size photographs and indicate in the visa application form the name and date of birth of each child.
  2. In case of visa for minor having an individual passport, a consent/sponsor letter from the parents in addition to the requirement of any adult visa application and applicable fees should be submitted
  3. Please check if additional documents are required for foreign nationals and dual nationality citizens.
  4. Tourist Visas are non-extendible and non-convertible.
  5. Travel agents and people connected with tourism trade who have to visit India frequently, can be considered Tourist Visas for longer duration. Decision of Consulate authorities about eligibility for or duration of visa will be final. 
      No visa application for minor should be submitted if the minor is to accompany an adult.
      Both applications should be submitted  together.
Business Visa 
  1. Applicants for Business Visas have to submit two letters in original, one from the Company in Italy (in English only) sponsoring them and another from the Company in India inviting them, stating the nature of business to be carried out. Both the letters should specify the period with justification for which the visa is required.
  2. Please note that all the letters must be addressed to the K.A. of the Consulate General of India Milan not to the applicant
  3. Please check if additional documents are required for foreign nationals and dual nationality citizens. 
 Student Visa 
  1. Original admission letter from a recognised University/Institution/School as a proof of admission to a full time course. The visa can be issued for the duration of course for a maximum period of 5 years. Normally for students visa the clearance from India is required, hence the applicants are advised to apply well in advance.
  2. A certificate from a financial institution certifying that the family has enough financial resources to sustain the cost burden in India (tuition fees and the stay in India ) is required.
  3. A receipt of fees paid to the school/university/institution
  4. In addition to above in case of exchange programme, an exchange of student agreement between the two institutions is required.
  5. Please check if additional documents are required for foreign nationals and dual nationality citizens.
     (N.B. Full time or part time employment is completely prohibited in case of student visa.) 
Employment Visa
  1. An appointment letter from India and the original signed “employment contract” between the applicant and the employer and one photocopy. An undertaking from the Employer that the income tax will be paid in India. The employment contract should clearly define the terms and conditions and the position and the duties of the employee, duration of contract and place of work, contribution towards provident fund, social security, accommodation and insurance etc.. The employment contract should be signed by the employee for the acceptance of the contract terms. Switching over of job from one organization to another or from one place to another is not allowed. For each and every contract a new visa is to be obtained by submitting proper documents.  Normally Employment Visa is granted after clearance is received from India hence application should be submitted well in advance.
  2. Certificate of Incorporation of an Indian Company in India
  3. Please check if additional documents are required for foreign nationals and dual nationality citizens.

                                                                 Project Visa

The Government of India has introduced “Project (P) visa” under Employment Visa Chapter for those foreign national who are coming to India for execution of a project in Power and Steel sectors.

The general guidelines issued by the concerned Ministry are as under:

  • Project Visa is for those foreign nationals who are coming to India for execution for a project in Power and Steel Sectors.
  • Period of visa would be determined on actual duration of the project/Contract. Initial Visa would be for one year or the period of the contract whichever is less.
  • The employment/working of the foreign personnel would be restricted to the location of the project only.
  • Project visa would be subject to submission of relevant documents establishing that the project/contact has been assigned to the particular foreign company by the India company concerned. Usual invitation letters from both the parties inviting the expert would be required.
  • Project visa is only for skilled/highly skilled persons.
  • A foreign national coming on Project Visa will not be allowed to take up employment in the same Indian company for a period of two years from the date of commissioning of the project.
  • The Indian company would be responsible for the conduct of the foreign national during the period of the stay and to that effect give an undertaking in the invitation letter.
  • Prior clearance would be required if the project/contract falls in the Protected/Restricted Areas as notified by the Government of India.
  • Foreign coming on Project visa will have to register with the FRRO/FRO concerned with 14 days of the arrival if the validity of visa is for more than 180 days.
  • Project visa to passport holders other than Italians would require usual clearance of 3 working days from the date of sending the message in this regard.

As the Project visa has been covered under Employment via chapter, the fees for Project visa will be same what is now charged for Employment visa.

The concerned authority in India has directed to introduce a separate application form for the Project Visa (available at our office or on the website in the downloads area).

Transit Visa 
  1. Transit Visa is granted for the sole purpose of enabling the holder to travel to India to reach his/her ultimate destination. Evidence/air ticket for onward travel to the destination outside India and the valid visa if required for the final destination.
  2. Transit visas are valid for halts up to 3 hours. Double entry Transit visas can be granted for a stay in transit for 72 hours on each visit.
  3. Please check if additional documents are required for foreign nationals and dual nationality citizen.
Journalist Visa
  1. Journalist Visas are granted to professional journalists, pressmen, photographers, film-men, representatives of radio and television and similar personnel in the field of information and mass media. The applications must be accompanied by a letter from the sponsoring newspaper or magazine giving full details of journalist’s itinerary, proposed appointments and places to be visited in India
  2. In addition to the above requirements for each member of the team, journalists desirous of visiting India for shooting documentaries or feature films etc. will need to enclose the synopsis of the documentaries to be shot, places to be visited, details of equipment to be taken and proposed itinerary for consideration of Consulate authorities and final approval by Government of India.
  3. In addition the journalists may also be required to be separately interviewed by the Consulate.
  4. Applicants are advised to provide three months for processing time for obtaining the visa.
  5. Additional information is to be provided in J. Visa Form which can be down-loaded from here or can be obtained from the Reception of Visa Outsourcing Agency.
  6. Please check if additional documents are required for foreign nationals and dual nationality citizens.
Other type of Visas
  1. Foreign nationals of Indian origin, their spouses and children can obtain a five-years visa, subject to production of documentary evidence such as cancelled Indian passport/surrender certificate of Indian nationality etc. in case of persons of Indian origin and a marriage certificate/family certificate in case of their spouses/children of not Indian origin. If such an applicant is not a permanent resident of Italy, this will be subject to clearance from the Indian Mission in the country in which the applicant normally resides.
  2. Invitation letters from Indian institutions are required by Visa applicants for conferences, Yoga/Vedic culture studies, research projects, missionary or voluntary works, mountaineering or other expeditions. For such visas an interview with the Consulate office may be necessary.
  3. 2. Please check if additional documents are required for foreign
  4. nationals and dual nationality citizens.
Time Required for issue of Visas
For normal tourist and business visas 3 working days from the date of submission of application to Visa Outsourcing Centre.
The passport/s with visa/s can be collected from the Indian Visa Outsourcing Centre, Milan or can be forwarded by Indian Visa Outsourcing Centre through courier service to the applicant address on the payment of extra charges of 20 Euro.
Applications of Italian nationals born out of Italy, Italian nationals who have acquired the Italian citizenship and persons of other nationalities are subject to referral verification and may require 5 at least working days. In certain cases it may take more time.
The grant of visa is not guaranteed and issue of the visa is at the complete discretion of CGI office.
However visa fee is not refundable in allcases.

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