General informations

The general information you'll find hereunder are to be seen as guide lines to submit the request and obtain the Visa for India.


Important update [COVID - 6/7/2020]

The Indian Visa Outsourcing Centre is closed to the walk-in. For any information please contact our staff by e-mail.

For those who must visit our premises, it can be done only by appointment: please contact us by e-mail to fix an appointment (9:30 - 12:00 only, upon availability).


Who requires the Visa to enter India?

All Italian and foreign nationals, children included, require visas to enter India. Children must have their own passport to apply for their visa and can travel only with the nulla osta / approval of one of the parents.



The issue of Visa for India and therefore the obtainment for the applicant, is completely at the discretion of the Indian Government and in this case the Consulate General of India.

More in general release of the Visa, time taken for that, duration, number of entries are at complete discretion of the Consulate General of India. These decisions are taken regardless of the paid fees.

The K&S Visa Service offers applicants its competences to minimize the burocratic steps, submit the Indian Authorities a correct application form and make the necessary procedure easier.



Once submitted the request of Visa (i.e. following the presentation of all the documents and the fees payment), the Consular fees and the competences of K&S Visa Services are in no way refundable even in case the Visa is rejected, not issued or issued with a different procedure facing the initial request.

Any possible delay in the Visa issue, the refusal of issue or the issue with a different procedure from that requested from the Consulate is not imputable to the Indian Visa Centre.


Duration of Visa

All Visas are effective from the date of their issue (this is not upon request) - as indicated on the passport by date of issue. Its validity automatically expires on the date indicated as date of expiry, independent of whether the visa has been utilized or not.

Unless exceptions, visas are not extendable in India.


Processing time

The processing time is usually 10 working days. This is only approximate, depends on the sole jurisdiction of the Consulate General of India in Milan and is liable to possible variations due to the seasons and/or political and social happenings. For foreign nationals, or foreign nationals holding an Italian passport but born abroad, waiting time may be longer.


Which Visa to apply for?

We kindly invite Visitors to carefully read the page Types of Visa explaining the different types, the objectives, the fees and the necessary documents to apply for.