Types of Visa

Hereunder you will find all the types of Visa for India. For the objectives, the conditions, the fees and the necessary documents to obtain each type of visa, please visit the page of interest.

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Types of Visa, conditions and documents


- Tourist Visa (TV): for tourism and casual visits to relatives and/or friends living in India.

- Business Visa (BV): for whoever needs to go to India to develop commercial relations, attend meetings or exhibitions, start a stage or an internship.

- Employment Visa (EV): for those who have been or will be employed with a formal job contract.

- Student Visa (STV): for those who have to pursue specific courses or an exchange university programme.

- Conference Visa (CV): to attend conferences organized by Indian bodies, institutes or universities.

- Journalist Visa (JV): for those who have to perform activities linked to the journalistic field (journalists, photographers), for film makers and more in general for whoever has to perform in the field of mass media.

- Medical Visa (MV): for those who seek medical treatment in established / recognised / specialized hospitals and treatment centres in India.

- Entry Visa (XV): for Indian origin nationals, children or spouses of Indian origin nationals.

- Research Visa (RV): for those who have to conduct research work with Indian bodies or universities.

- Project Visa (PV): for those who go to India to join projects in power and steel sectors.

- Transit Visa (Transit Visa): the duration is strongly limited for those passing thorugh India.