Business Visa

A Business Visa (BV) is granted to those who wish to visit India to establish business/joint venture, participate in commercial or technical meetings and fairs.


Conditions for Business Visas

- In case of employment (paid work) Business Visa is not appropriate; in this case an Employment Visa is required.

- The pilots and members of the crew of non-scheduled airlines, chartered flights, cargo planes and private jets, demonstration and trainer pilots, etc. should apply for BUSINESS VISA, prior approval of the concerned authorities in India.

Hereunder you will find the conditions and the necessary documents to apply for Business Visa.


Documents required for Business Visa

- Passport valid for more than 6 months and with 3 blank pages (also not in sequence).

- 2 photos - in colour, on a plain white background, 5x5 cm dimensions, recent and identical (same version of the photo to be uploaded with the online form).

- Application form duly filled in on line, printed and signed (apply compulsorily for 12 months - Multiple Entries and upload the photo on line).

- Appointment letter from the Italian company on letterhead, in English, also signed by the applicant (in case of freelancers this letter can be self-written) and addressed as follows: "To the Consulate General of India Milan".

- Invitation letter from the Indian company signed by the applicant on letterhead, in English, also signed by the applicant and addressed as follows: "To the Consulate General of India Milan".

- Certificate of Incorporation from the Indian company.

- Short visura camerale of the Italian company (we recommend the QR code version); the same will be then translated into English by a consular agency with extra time and fees.

Fee: 147,5€***

*** Plus 2€ per invoice (with VAT tax free total amount of 77,47 €) due to the government tax stamp valid since 1st Jan. 2019

*** Translation fees are not included.

*** Non Italian passport holders, Italian citizens by naturalization or people with double nationality, must fill out the additional fax form. The Indian Government has also estabilished that some nationalities are subjected to the payment of special fees according to consular indications. For these extra special fees please contact our staff by mail.


Peculiar cases

A) For a Business Visa issued with more than 6 months validity registration with FRROs in India is compulsory within 14 days from arrival only if the stay in India is more than 180 days (6 months).

B) Nationals with foreign passport applying for Business Visa must enclose copy of the “Certificato di residenza storico” issued from the municitpality (Comune) where clearly indicated the applicant has been resident in Italy for at least 2 years. The Italian identity card is not enough.

C) Applicants who have established their business in India in the last two years and have business interests by way of shareholding or being Director of the Board of the company, should also submit the following documents:

- Gross Sale Annual Turn over achieved during the last 2 years (should not be less than Rs. 1 Crore per annum).

- Copies of the Income Tax Return filled during the last 2 years.

These documents are also necessary for registration with FRROs offices.

D) In case the passport was issued less than 6 months before it is compulsory to forward:

- the old passport (if the present one is the first please download and fill in the related declaration in English);

- declaration in English in case the old passport has been held by the authorities.