Indian visa online - E-Visa to India

In April 2017 the Government of India introduced the opportunity to apply for the E-Visa to India (Electronic Visa to India) also for Italian passport holders.

In other words, starting from April 2017 travelers in Italy can even apply for the visa to India online.

ATTENTION: the indian E-Visa is not a proper Visa (it isn’t a sticker pasted on the passport) but it is an electronic authorization to travel to India.

This authorization has to be requested on line and the Visa will be issued by the Authorities once in India. Here the officers will capture the biometrics and, sometimes, it is also required a proof of financial self-sustaining.


Is the E-Visa an alternative to the standard Visa or is a substitute of it?

Indian E-Visa is a different option the traveler can choose accordingly to the journey and to its features. This facility is in addition to the standard version of the Indian Visa.

E-Visa are available for Tourist, Business and Medical reasons. Before choosing one of these please be sure these Visa fits traveler’s needs.


E-Visa vs Standard Visa

Please find below some of the features of the E-Visa:

- valid for 2 months with double entries;

- E-Visa can be submitted for maximum of two times in a calendar year i.e. between January to December;

- E-Visa is valid for entry only through the Airport designated on the application form;

- E-Visa is non-extendable, non-convertible & not valid for visiting Protected/Restricted and Cantonment Areas.

To help and assist the applicant, K&S Visa Centre shows here below a comparison between the different services available.


FeaturesStandard Visa to IndiaE-Visa through K&S Visa Centre

Fast and Simplified application process

Aided support through the process

Correction of missing or incorrect information

E-mail of the documentation required


Email Recovery of your e Visa in case of loss


Correct timing in applying

Mandatory credit card payment



Privacy protection and fraud protection

Payment with Bank transfer

Valid for restricted areas


Valid for all the airport


Duration for more than 2 months



How to apply for the E-Visa to India online

K&S Visa Centre is able to manage all the requests of the travelers.

The traveler has to choose wisely if applying for the E-Visa or the Standard Visa.

For the aided request for E-Visa please visit the following links:

- E-Visa for Tourism

- E-Visa for Business purpose

- E-Visa for Medical purpose

In case the E-Visa is not suitable for your needs please visit the following pages for the standard visa:

- Tourist Visa

- Business Visa

- Medical Visa