Student Visa

A Student Visa (STV) is granted to students who have been admitted to recognized universities/institutions in India to pursue their regular studies or to pursue specific courses under the exchange programme between an Indian-Italian university. It is also granted to those going to India for Yoga / Ayurveda courses.

The visa can be issued for the duration of course for a maximum period of 5 years.

This visa allows to perform any kind of job (also not paid) for Indian companies.

Hereunder you will find the conditions and the necessary documents to apply for Student Visa.


Documents required for Student Visa

- Passport valid for more than 6 months and with 3 blank pages (also not in sequence).

- 2 photos - in colour, on a plain white background, 5x5 cm dimensions, recent and identical (same version of the photo to be uploaded with the online form).

- Application form duly filled in on line, printed and signed (apply for the duration of the studies - Multiple Entries and upload the photo on line).

- Invitation letter from the Indian Institution/University - on the headed paper, in English, and addressed "To the Consulate General of India, Milan - ITALY".

- Invitation letter from the Italian Institution/University - on the headed paper, in English, and addressed "To the Consulate General of India, Milan - ITALY".

- Health insurance valid for the period of the studies; the insurance policy must be in English and related to the medical expenses.

- Copy of the bank account statement, belonging to the applicant or the guarantor (in this second case also a declaration in English must be provided by the guarantor stating that all expenses supporting the student will be at his own charge).

Fees: 100€***

*** Plus 10€ per applicant who still has not been subject to data biometrics capture (fingerprints).

*** Non Italian passport holders, Italian citizens by naturalization or people with double nationality, must fill out the additional fax form. The Indian Government has also estabilished that some nationalities are subjected to the payment of special fees according to consular indications. For these extra special fees please contact our staff by mail.


Peculiar cases

A) Citizens holding a foreign passport must provide copy of the stay permit or the certificate of residence as the Italian identity card is not enough.

B) In case the passport was issued less than 6 months before it is compulsory to forward:

- the old passport (if the present one is the first please download and fill in the related declaration in English);

- declaration in English in case the old passport has been held by the authorities.