Visa fees

This page includes the fees of some types of Visa only just to give an example.

For detailed info, specific fees and peculiar cases we invite all applicants to visit the pages related to each type of Visa.


Visa fees payment


The fees payment will be made in cash while submitting the visa application and all the documents at the counter of our offices, Via Marostica 34 - 2016 Milan.

For those applying through the courier company TNT, it is possible to pay the fees by bank transfer; bank details are to be found in the section Visa home service.

Non Italian passport holders, Italian passport holders with double nationality, or Italian citizens by nationalization might due to the payment of an extra fee. For some Countries the Indian Government has in fact fixed special fees.

Please contact our staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to know the correct extra fee required, stating your Country of origin.

Following visa fees to be paid only by Italian citizens born in Italy and having Italian citizenship only.


Visa type

Total fee Visas for India

Tourist visa


Business visa


Employment visa

178€ / 254€

Conference visa



To note: plus 2€ per invoice (with VAT tax free total amount of 77,47 €) due to the government tax stamp valid since 1st Jan. 2019